Game of Thrones’ Rose Leslie: ‘They’ve upped the stakes this season. Every character is out for blood!”

Game of Thrones resumes on Sky Atlantic this weekend and season four is the most dangerous yet in Westeros, its star Rose Leslie told What’s On TV.

“The stakes have been upped and this is going to be a very dangerous season because every character is out for vengeance, out for blood and I think that’s all going to come to a head,” says Rose, who plays the wildling Ygritte, who lives and hunts in the frozen north.

“We see a different Ygritte this series. She’s a different woman. She’s hurt, bruised and a scorned woman, so she’s now on a mission to get her own back!”

Rose admits that acting in such a huge HBO production as Game Of Thrones means hardly ever meeting most of the show’s massive cast. She recently met Charles Dance (Lord Tywin in Game Of Thrones) for the first time on the set of a new ITV drama, The Great Fire Of London, which they’re both currently filming and will screen in the autumn.

“Charles Dance and I are in Game Of Thrones, but we’d never interacted. Because there are so many actors involved in the show you end up meeting everybody for press, so when interviews are happening that’s when you’re all under the same roof, otherwise you’re ships in the night in Belfast, Iceland or wherever. I never get to go to the hot countries and Charles is in Croatia! Ygritte’s in the icy wilderness so I don’t know what the sun looks like.”

Game of Thrones season four starts on Sky Atlantic on Monday, April 7 at 9pm, although die-hard fans can stay up late on Sunday to see the episode screen at the same time as it plays in the US (2am, Monday, Sky Atlantic).

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