Gabby Logan claims ignorance of tax avoidance scheme, but vows to pay back any tax she owes

Gabby Logan has said she will repay any tax she owes after admitting investing in the scheme used by Take That star Gary Barlow.

Barlow and two other members of Take That are reportedly in line for tax bills totalling tens of millions of pounds after a court ruled that a partnership styled as a music industry investment scheme in which they invested was a tax avoidance scheme.

Logan, who is part of the BBC’s World Cup team, said she invested ‘in good faith’ after being told about the scheme in 2008.

In a statement on her website, she said: “It was explained to me as a way of funding new acts in the music industry. Because of information which came to light in 2012, I decided the investment was not right for me.

“With new professional help and advisers, I have for some time been working to resolve the issue and I fully intend to pay any tax which should have been paid, had I not entered the business.

“I have been completely open and honest with HMRC and I have never hidden anything.”

Barlow, along with bandmates Howard Donald and Mark Owen and their manager Jonathan Wild, apparently invested £66 million into two partnerships styled as music industry investment schemes.

Judge Colin Bishopp ruled that 51 partnerships, set up by Icebreaker Management, were to secure tax relief for members and HM Revenue and Customs is now expected to demand repayment.

It was alleged in 2012 that Barlow, Donald, Owen and Wild invested at least £26 million in a scheme run by Icebreaker Management.

At the time Take That’s lawyers insisted the band mates believed the investments were legitimate enterprises and that all four named paid ‘significant tax’.

Prime Minister David Cameron has criticised the use of ‘aggressive’ avoidance schemes, but dismissed calls from some Tory and Labour MPs for Barlow to give up his OBE.


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