Frozen | Film review – Two cool sisters are doing it for themselves in Disney’s icy reboot of The Snow Queen

Elsa lets loose with her ice powers!

Disney is once again turning to fairy tales as the source of their next animated adventure. This time, it’s Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen that is getting the Disney treatment. But in an attempt to make the classic tale a little cooler has Disney lost track of what makes it so enchanting?

With a catchy new title, Frozen is the story of two sisters. One is called Elsa (voiced by Broadway star Idina Menzel). She is struggling to control her ice powers and so runs away to hide in the mountains where she can’t hurt anyone. The other is called Ana (Kristen Bell). She is desperate to find Elsa and bring her home to undo the icy damage she has left in her wake. On her travels, Anna meets the lovable talking snow man Olaf and the lonesome ice farmer Kristof (Jonathan Groff). The story turns into a classic quest very similar to Disney’s wildly successful film Tangled. You could almost call Frozen Tangled in the Snow?

Something that Tangled did fall a little flat on was the songs whereas Frozen is a return to form with songs such as Let It Go rivalling some of Disney’s classics. Let It Go is the uplifting ballad Elsa sings as she releases the full force of her ice powers and I can guarantee the sequence will leave you frozen in awe.

The big problem I had with Frozen was Elsa! I think the decision to make the Snow Queen misunderstood instead of outright evil was a little disappointing. Then again, Josh Gad was hilarious as Olaf the snowman! He was clearly a big favourite of the children in the cinema as they roared with laughter whenever he was on the screen.

Animation fans will also fall in love with Elsa’s ice palace which was beautifully detailed and when she unleashes her stunning ice powers it’s a definite highlight of the film.

Best of all is the magnificent opening sequence which continued to build momentum brilliantly until about halfway through the film, but then it started to lose focus a bit as too many elements were added into the plot.

Overall, though, Frozen was great fun and its message of sisterly love was heartwarming. All in all, it’s a super-cool adventure for all the family.

Guest review by Joey Jarossi from TheCinemonster

Certificate PG. Runtime 108 mins. Directors Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee.


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