Film review | What’s Your Number? – Witless rom-com leaves ditzy Anna Faris out for the count

WHATAnna Faris can be cute and funny in the bubbly, ditzy, Goldie Hawn manner – as she proved in The House Bunny – but she’s mostly shrill and irritating in lame chick flick What’s Your Number?

Then again, she’s hardly helped by a script that casts her as an off-puttingly flaky Boston gal who freaks out when she tallies her relationship history and finds she has notched up 20 lovers. Reckoning she will have missed her chance at true love if she exceeds this number (as the magazine article she’s been reading has it), she embarks on a quest to seek out her exes and see if one of them is her Mr Right after all. With help from her studly new neighbour (Captain America’s Chris Evans), she begins working her way through the list, wilfully oblivious to the fact that her soul mate might actually be closer to home.

Watching her charmless stalking of her exes is so unfunny you wish she would hurry up and cotton on to this. Instead, we’re forced to endure such embarrassing encounters as her meeting with Martin Freeman’s English gent in which her put-on British accent slides further and further from her grasp, morphing via Dick Van Dyke to end up sounding like the Swedish chef from The Muppets.

On general release from 30th September 2011.


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