Film review | Justice – Nicolas Cage takes the money and runs. Again!


Nicolas Cage’s quality control is clearly still on the blink if the clunky screenplay for this routine action thriller is anything to go by. The latest in a string of Cage duds, Justice sees him in the role of an ordinary guy who finds he has sold his soul to a shady vigilante group.

Burning with rage following a sexual attack on his musician wife (Mad Men’s January Jones), Cage’s New Orleans high-school teacher is easy prey for slick stranger Guy Pearce, who offers quick retribution against the rapist in return for a minor favour. Of course, the favour proves anything but minor and Cage is soon trying to dodge both the increasingly menacing vigilantes and the suspicious authorities.

Director Roger Donaldson, maker of the far superior No Way Out, handles the action sequences competently, but the script is so clumsy at manoeuvring its characters into place that the film’s big set-piece scenes ring hollow.

On general release from Friday 18th November.


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