Film review | Colombiana – Lil’ Orphan Assassin

Colombiana - Zoe Saldana

A vulnerable young girl seeks revenge against her parents’ killers and finds an older male mentor to teach her the art of assassination.

We’ve been here before – and so has Luc Besson. Back in 1995, the film was Léon and a 12-year-old Natalie Portman played the orphaned heroine. For Colombiana, a sleek and exciting remake-cum-homage to the earlier film, Besson is wearing his writer/producer hat and Avatar’s Zoe Saldana is a grown-up avenging angel.

As a nine-year-old, Saldana’s Cataleya narrowly escaped the massacre of her family by a Colombian drug gang and took refuge with her gangster uncle in the US. Fifteen years later, she’s a ruthless contract killer who has racked up 23 victims, but she’s still gunning for the men who murdered her parents…

Colombiana is every bit as slick and silly as you’d expect, but the lithe and sultry Saldana, emerging from behind the blue skin and CGI disguise of her Avatar role, pulls off her far-fetched assassin with panache, whether wriggling through a police station’s air ducts in a latex cat suit or dispatching a crook with his own pet sharks.

On general release from 9th September.

“Luc Besson, Nikita & le Cinéma du look”


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