Danny Miller confirms summer wedding for Robron

We can’t WAIT for this!

After another dramatic year for Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden, it was starting to look like they would never get their happy ending.

With one wedding ruined after Aaron was jailed for assault – resulting in Robert getting Rebecca White pregnant while he was away – viewers watched as the couple seemingly split for good over Christmas.

But Danny Miller, who plays Aaron, has confirmed their will be a wedding in the summer, as promised by producer Iain MacLeod.

‘Iain is a man of his word and always wanted to make sure Robron fans got the happy ever after they wanted,’ Danny told RadioTimes. ‘We’ve been assured there will be a wedding. I love Robron just as much as the fans do! Hopefully their wedding will make us all happy.’

However, this is soapland and Danny is predicting some drama. He added: ‘It would be nice to not have any soap-style interruptions, but that’s not very likely! So that bit when they ask if anyone objects, the door could open… and it’s just somebody who’s late and they sit down at the back.’

We are SO excited for Robron to finally get their happy ending!

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