Emmerdale fans FUMING after this shock twist left them speechless last night

Last night's Emmerdale has left fans fuming...

The moment that saw Jamie Tate and Belle Dingle’s affair revealed in last night’s Emmerdale has left fans shouting at their televisions in anger.

Emmerdale fans have watched Jamie and Belle enjoying a secret romance behind everyone’s backs, oblivious to the fact Jamie’s wife, Andrea, knows exactly what they have been getting up to.

Belle and Jamie Emmerdale

Belle and Jamie’s affair was laid bare for everyone to see last night (Picture: ITV)

But while an oblivious Jamie and Belle are enjoying their not-so-secret romance, little did they know Andrea had enlisted Leyla’s help to get the ultimate revenge.

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As the Woolpack pub quiz got underway, an unsuspecting Jamie and Belle handed their phones over like everyone else so that no one could cheat, they had no idea that Leyla was going to humiliate them in front of everyone by showing their private messages to one another on the big screen.

Belle and Jamie Emmerdale

Jamie and Belle were mortified as they realised that the secret was out (Picture: ITV)

But as everyone reeled in shock, the reality that their affair was now out in the open hit Jamie and Belle, while Andrea faked her reaction and raced out of the pub.

However, as everyone turned on Belle over the affair, fans weren’t happy that she was the one being blamed, when Jamie was the one married with a family…

But not everyone was sympathetic towards Belle. Some fans thought Belle was completely to blame…

Stunned that his world was falling apart around him, Jamie quickly turned on Belle, blaming her for putting their massages on the screen.

But while Belle protested her innocence, her words fell on deaf ears and Jamie was more worried about going after Andrea to make sure she was okay.

Belle and Jamie Emmerdale

Andrea pretended to be shocked at the news her husband was cheating on her (Picture: ITV)

Has Andrea’s revenge plan worked?

Is this the end of Belle and Jamie for good? Or will Andrea’s scheming inadvertently push the forbidden pair closer together once the dust has settled?

Emmerdale will temporarily air a reduced schedule of three episodes a week. Watch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7pm on ITV.

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