Electricity | Film review – Model Agyness Deyn proves she’s much more than a pretty face in striking Brit flick

Electricity - Agyness Deyn as Lily O

Taking her first leading cinematic role following supporting parts in Clash of the Titans and Pusher, fashion model Agyness Deyn shows real spark as the wilful, wounded heroine of offbeat British drama Electricity. Her character, Lily, is stuck in a dead-end life in a shabby seaside town when the film opens, held back by severe epileptic seizures – electrical storms in the brain strikingly conveyed by director Bryn Higgins. Then an inheritance prompts her to set off for London to find her long-lost scapegrace brother and give him his share, a quest made even more fraught by her reluctance to take the medication that keeps her epilepsy at bay but leaves her feeling muffled and half alive. Lenora Crichlow, Paul Anderson, Tom Georgeson give vivid turns as some of the people in Lily’s life, but it’s Deyn’s charismatic screen presence that holds the film’s episodic plot together.


Certificate 15. Runtime 96 mins. Director Bryn Higgins.


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