EastEnders drops brand new trailer confirming suspects in Ian Beale’s attack

EastEnders has revealed the suspects in the Ian Beale whodunit...

EastEnders has released a new trailer, giving fans a glimpse into what happens in the run up to Ian Beale’s attack on Friday 4th December.

Fans have watched Ian making a nuisance of himself across the Square recently, leaving him in pretty much everyone’s bad books.

EastEnders Ian Beale

Ian Beale is about to find himself on the receiving end of a vicious attack (Picture: BBC)

But by next week, someone in the long line of Ian’s enemies will have had enough of his games and leaves him for dead on the floor of the Queen Vic.

At the moment there are so many people out for revenge on Ian that it is hard to work out who could be responsible.

However, EastEnders has shared a new trailer, revealing the suspects in the next huge Walford whodunnit.

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Here is who EastEnders have lined up as suspects

Max Branning 


At the front of the queue is Max.

He’s desperate to get revenge on Ian after he stole the cash from him to buy the Queen Vic for Sharon.

No matter how hard Max has tried to get his money back, broke Ian refuses to budge.

Could attacking Ian be Max’s way of teaching him a lesson once and for all?

The trailer sees Max asking Ian if he has a death wish, could this mean he attacks Ian? Or is it a red herring?

Suki Panesar

Suki EastEnders

Suki isn’t a woman you want to double cross (Picture: BBC)

Desperate to sort out his money troubles, Ian allowed himself to be blackmailed by Suki.

He secretly took cash in return for putting in a good word for her planning application with the council.

Suki isn’t a woman to be messed with – is Ian about to discover that the hard way?

Peter and Bobby Beale 

Peter Beale gives Bobby a hard time in EastEnders

Could Peter and Bobby be the ones to attack their dad? (Picture: BBC)

Peter has been left fuming by the discovery that he’s not included in Ian’s will, despite the fact his brother, Bobby, is.

Fed up with his dad’s scheming ways, could Peter decide to get rid of Ian for good?

In the trailer Peter is seen telling Bobby that ‘enough is enough’ but what has pushed them to breaking point?

Phil and Ben Mitchell 

EastEnders Ben Mitchell

Ben Mitchell is determined to get to the bottom of who has it in for the Mitchells (Picture: BBC)

Ian and Phil’s long-running feud could reach new dramatic heights if Phil was to discover Ian is the one who called the police to report their recent car heist.

Ben can be seen lunging for Ian in the trailer, could he be on the warpath, along with Phil?


EastEnders Mick Carter

Is Tina the one who leaves Ian for dead? (Picture: BBC)

Desperate to get the Vic back for Mick, Tina is desperate to see Ian’s downfall.

Not only has she recently uncovered some of his shady ways, she is seen cryptically saying in the trailer ‘if you live by the sword, you die by the sword’.

But what does she really mean by that?


Tina asks Kathy if she can stay with her in EastEnders

Surely Kathy wouldn’t wish her own son dead… would she? (Picture: BBC)

Having got himself in a huge financial mess, Ian is now setting his own mum up for a fall after re-mortgaging the cafe without asking her.

Not only that, but he can’t afford the repayments, leaving Kathy to clean up his mess.

Could this be the breaking point for Kathy?

Rainie and Stuart 

Stuart EastEnders

Could Stuart being the one to attack Ian in revenge? (Picture: BBC)

Next week will see Ian overhear Tiffany’s plans to be a surrogate for Rainie and Stuart, and he can’t resist sticking his oar in.

Troublemaker Ian tells Whitney what he’s heard, leading to her putting doubts in Tiff’s mind.

Stuart isn’t going to be happy when he finds out what Ian has done, and if the clip of him burning things in the trailer is anything to go by, Ian had better watch out.


Sharon and Ian are behind the Queen Vic bar in EastEnders

How would Sharon react if the truth about Denny’s death was revealed? (Picture: BBC)

While she might be pretty the only one who is ‘team Ian’ at the moment, that could all change in a heartbeat if she found out what really went on the night Denny died.

Could the news that her oldest friend is responsible for her son’s death be the breaking point in their friendship?

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