EastEnders spoilers: Food fight! Karen Taylor and sister Kandice clash on Boxing Day

The fireworks (and the food!) fly when Karen Taylor suspects her sister Kandice is having an affair with her ex-fella Mitch!

Karen Taylor is not happy when her sister Kandice arrives on Boxing Day, with Karen’s ex-boyfriend Mitch Baker in tow!

Mitch, who is the father of Karen’s teenage son Keegan hasn’t been seen in months since he ran off with an envelope of cash belonging to the Taylor’s downstairs neighbours Ted and Joyce Murray.

But tempers flare when the fiesty mum suspects Kandice and Mitch are now having an affair!

EastEnders star Lorraine Stanley, who plays Karen, reveals more about what’s in store…

How does Karen feel when she sees Mitch at the door?

“She is stunned, Karen’s expecting Kandice so when she sees Mitch there, it’s really unexpected and she’s completely shocked. She didn’t think Mitch would come back, especially after he stole Ted’s money so she’s gobsmacked to see him there. There is also a bit of ‘Oh my Mitch is here’ but ultimately she’s shocked.”

Is there a part of Karen that still has a soft spot for him?

“She’ll always have a soft spot for him he’s the love of her life but she’s got lots of questions to ask him and she’s not happy at all. He comes with a bag of presents in his hand so her eyes do light up but he won’t be getting off lightly.”

How would you describe this year’s Boxing Day at the Taylor’s

“This year, obviously Karen has put on her classic buffet of party food, but nothing goes to plan. I don’t want to give too much away but Mitch and Kandice are planning something. Karen comes to all sorts of assumptions and puts two and two together and gets five.”

There’s always a bit of tension between Karen and Kandice, why do you think that is?

“Oh there is, and especially when it comes to blokes. Kandice has always gone after her sister’s boyfriends in the past so I think the tension comes from when they were really young. Also, Kandice is such a snob and Karen really tries her best to keep up appearances but Kandice always manages to find fault.”

Can Karen and Kandice really spend time together without bickering?

“No they are like chalk and cheese, but maybe they’ve got more in common than they think. They’ve always had this love-hate relationship where they bicker and make-up and then bicker again.”

Karen ends up chucking a trifle over Kandice, what can you tell us about that?

“Well, it’s very chaotic as you’d expect, it starts off well, and like I mentioned something happens leaving Karen coming to the wrong conclusion. She goes completely bezerk and ends up throwing the trifle over her Kandice’s head.”

EastEnders, Karen Taylor, Kandice Taylor

Karen dumps a trifle all over her sister Kandice! (Picture: BBC)

How was it filming those scenes?

“Well we only had one take to do it so I had to get it right. I felt quite nervous actually as I knew it was in one take, but it was really exciting. You don’t get to throw a trifle over someone’s head every day do you?”

Why does Karen try so hard to impress Kandice?

“Karen thinks Kandice has always looked down on her. She feels like whenever her sister visits, she has to go all out and Karen’s version of going all-out is very different to Kandice’s. Karen thinks she’s done a really posh buffet but I’m sure Kandice doesn’t agree. But, Karen’s a trier, she really does try and I love that about her.”

What was it like filming with Hannah and Roger again?

“Yeah it’s great to have them back, Roger is such a warm person so to have him back is really special. Myself and Hannah always end up doing really fun stuff on screen so it’s always great when she comes back.”

We’ve seen Keanu heart-broken after Sharon left, how do you think Karen would react knowing Keanu is still pining for her?

“She would be devastated, she thought after she found out it was done and they were over. Luckily, Phil hasn’t found out though so that’s good.”

We know Chantelle is going to arrive in Walford next year… what can you tell us?

“Oh I can’t wait, I’m so excited to learn more about Chantelle, see what their history is and what Chantelle is up to now. So yes, the Taylors are expanding, which is really exciting. Karen hasn’t seen her daughter for so long, so I think there might be a bit of tension there. Chantelle has created a new life for herself so it will be interesting to see how she reacts to Karen and all her siblings.”

What else can you tease about 2019 for the Taylors?

“Mitch is back again and he has a surprise that’s going to shock the whole family, I can’t give too much away but we’ll be seeing a lot more of Mitch in Walford.”

Do you think they’ll rekindle their romance?

“Who knows, Mitch is the love of Karen’s life, whether or not anything happens this time around, we’ll have to wait and see…”

How does Karen see in the New Year?

“In true Karen Taylor style, she’s at The Vic tucking into the food and drink, she’s the life and soul. She also plants a kiss on someone so she sees in the New Year the way only Karen can. There’s also a moment on New Year’s Eve where we really see Karen’s true colours and the love she has for her children, I really love that moment.”

What do you think Karen’s New Year’s resolution should be?

“Maybe get healthy – get in that tracksuit and get running around The Square!

Don’t miss the showdown in EastEnders on Thursday 27th December at 7:30pm on BBC One

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