EastEnders fans DESPERATE to get their hands on THIS iconic Walford merchandise

Everyone wants to get their hands on an exclusive EastEnders coffee cup... but would you buy one?

We have had the infamous Love Island water bottle, but now TV fans are calling for EastEnders bosses to start selling the pink and green reusable coffee cups from Kathy’s cafe!

Walford residents have shown they’re as environmentally friendly as the rest of us as they wander around Albert Square with their reusable branded Kathy’s coffee cups, and fans have decided that it is time for the soap to start selling them in real life so they can join the gang.

Kathy's coffee cups in EastEnders BBC

EastEnders fans are desperate to get their hands on one of Kathy’s reusable coffee cups (Picture: BBC)

The brightly colours coffee cups have been making an appearance for a while now, with lots of Albert Square’s finest using them for their daily dose of caffeine.

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So far this year Walford residents have really been getting their money’s worth from the cups, with everyone from Habiba Ahmed and Lisa Fowler to Denise Fox and Jack Branning supporting local business while also saving the planet one cup of coffee at a time.

Kathy's coffee cups in EastEnders BBC

Denise is a big fan of saving the planet (Picture: BBC)

There is even a sign in the cafe that says if customers bring their reusable coffee cups in they will be given 5p off their hot drink purchase, who knew Kathy was so with the times?

Kathy's coffee cups in EastEnders BBC

Lisa is also a lucky Kathy’s reusable cup owner (Picture: BBC)

But fans are loving the coffee cups just as much as Walford’s finest and want the BBC to start selling them…

Back in January the coffee cup made a huge appearance when Habiba, Ash, Lola, Jay and Tina were all discussing Mo Slater’s upcoming birthday with Kathy, who was working in the cafe.

Kathy's coffee cups in EastEnders BBC

Kathy clearly got a new delivery of her cups this week (Picture: BBC)

The group were all talking about the fact that Habiba thought Mo would be turning 50 after a misunderstanding with Jean earlier in the episode who had wanted to book a party for Kat’s milestone birthday.

Kathy's coffee cups in EastEnders BBC

Even Jack is a fan of the brightly coloured plastic cup (Picture: BBC)

But as they all joked about how Mo couldn’t possibly be only 50, you couldn’t move in the cafe for reusable coffee cups… but if there were available to buy, would you want get your hands on one?

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One. 

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