EastEnders star reveals she needed therapy after appearing on the soap

“No one prepares you for you for fame”

Former EastEnders star Judi Shekoni has revealed how she needed therapy to cope with her sudden rise to fame after appearing on the BBC1 soap.

The actress, who starred on the show as gangster Angel’s wife Marjorie “Precious” Hudson in 2002, admitted nothing could have prepared her for the attention her role would bring.

“No one prepares you for you for fame and the attention you get, Judi, who was 23 at the time of her appearance said. “I remember going home and crying in a room and going, ‘What do I do now?’ It’s just being out of your depth at an early age.

“Going from zero to 100 really quickly means you haven’t built up the capabilities. You probably don’t have the strong support system and it can trigger past events which then compound on each other.”

Judi added to the Mirror: “I have long periods where nobody knows who I am and I don’t film for a while. Which leads to relief and then panic you are never going to work again.”


But despite roles in Twilight: Breaking Dawn and the upcoming Maleficent: Mistress of Evil, Judi admitted she needed some professional help.

She added: “I have therapy most weeks and I really enjoy it.

“In LA I learned it was OK to take care of myself. Then moving back to England four years ago was me doing just that.

“I believe therapy can be a benefit to most people, helping them process and digest what happens in life. And with a career in entertainment you have to find the balance.”

Now that Judi is able to handle the pressures of her career, she wouldn’t rule out returning to Albert Square.

“My career has always been a bit varied,” she said

“Perhaps ­quietly sitting with a drink at the Queen Vic at the end would be the perfect way to bow out.”