EastEnders fans predict a shock love triangle between THESE Walford favourites

EastEnders fans are convinced there is a spark between Bobby Beale and Tiffany Butcher...

EastEnders fans have taken to social media in their droves, all predicting there could be a budding romance between recently returned Bobby Beale and Tiffany Butcher… but where would that leave Tiff’s love interest, Keegan Baker?

Bobby has been like a lost soul ever since he got out of prison for killing sister Lucy and attacking step mum Jane. But it seems he might finally have a friend on his side after catching up with childhood friend Tiffany.

Viewers saw a spark between old friends Bobby and Tiffany earlier this week when they bumped into each other in the Square and Tiffany invited a lost-looking Bobby to the cafe for a milkshake with her and Bernadette.

As the trio headed to the cafe, Bernie was left to make awkward small talk while Bobby looked like he wanted the ground to swallow him up.

But after a few reassuring words from Tiffany, Bobby started to relax and even managed to look like he was enjoying himself.

As Tiffany reassured Bobby that she was no saint and knew something of how he was feeling since returning to the Square, she was the first to put a proper smile on his face since his return.

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And as Bobby started to enjoy himself, fans definitely didn’t miss the longing looks he gave his old friend…

Keegan wasn’t happy to see his sister and Tiffany making small talk with a killer, but Tiffany did her best to get him to see that everyone deserves a second chance and he seemed to soften towards the murderer.

As well as predicting romance, fans were also pleased that the soap had remembered Tiffany and Bobby were even friends in the first place…

So could Tiffany, Bobby and Keegan find themselves in a love triangle this summer?

Or are they set to be friends… Keegan and Bobby could make quite a team!

EastEnders returns to BBC One on Thursday 4th July and airs Monday and Friday at 8pm, and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm.

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