EastEnders fans come up with THIS MIND-BLOWING theory that will change Walford FOREVER

Fans of EastEnders are convinced they've worked out who Sheree Trueman's secret man really is...

EastEnders fans think they’ve worked out the true identity of Sheree Trueman’s secret man, Isaac – and, if it turns out to be true, it will be amazing!

Viewers were left baffled just before Christmas when it turned out Sheree has been hiding a huge secret, just like Denise Fox has been trying to tell everyone for months.

EastEnders Sheree leaves Patrick

Denise confronted Sheree about Isaac on Christmas Day (Picture: BBC)

Amy Branning rumbled Sheree when she saw her phone was ringing – and the caller was someone called Isaac.

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But instead of admitting who the mysterious man was, Sheree kept her cards close to her chest and failed to elaborate on who Isaac really is.

However, Amy told Denise what had happened, and it seemed her suspicions that Sheree wasn’t being truthful to Patrick had been confirmed, leading to her confronting Mrs Trueman on Christmas Day.

EastEnders Sheree leaves Patrick

Sheree admitted that there was another man in her life, but didn’t expand on who he actually was (Picture: BBC)

But after telling Sheree to pack her bags and leave Patrick, Denise found herself on the receiving end of Patrick’s heartache, with him blaming her for Sheree’s departure.

Thankfully last night’s EastEnders (Friday 27th December) saw Patrick and Denise reunited, but that hasn’t stopped fans trying to work out who this mysterious Isaac is.

EastEnders Sheree leaves Patrick

Sheree made a sneaky exit on Christmas Day – but fans think there is more to this storyline than meets the eye (Picture: BBC)

Some viewers are convinced he is Sheree’s son, or a terminally ill husband… while others have come up with the brilliant theory that he is Vincent Hubbard… Kim Fox’s long-lost husband who went missing last year!

Some fans even think that Sheree’s mystery man could be connected to Martin Fowler’s Christmas storyline somehow.

They think that Isaac could actually be Tubbs, Ben and martin’s dodgy associate, whilst others think that Isaac could be the man that Tubbs and Martin left for dead after their hit and run accident.

EastEnders Sheree leaves Patrick

Partick and Denise were reunited last night, and we will find out more about the mysterious Isaac on New Year’s Day (Picture: BBC)

Sheree’s secret is set to be revisited on New Year’s Day when a special series of flashbacks will start to answer some of the questions fans have been asking since Christmas Day… but which fan theory will be correct?

Don’t miss the EastEnders hour long special on New Year’s Day at 8pm on BBC One.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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