EastEnders fans DEVASTATED that THIS character is leaving after last night’s shock twist

There's an exit on the cards as EastEnders' Lisa Fowler departs Walford, but fans aren't convinced she'll be leaving alone...

It’s no secret that Lisa Fowler is set to depart Walford in the coming weeks as actress Lucy Benjamin’s return stint on EastEnders comes to an end… but fans are devastated that she’s leaving and predict she won’t be going alone.

Last night’s (Monday 13th January) left fans full of praise for actress Lucy and her co-star Tilly Keeper, who plays her on screen daughter, Louise Mitchell.

Lisa and Louise in EastEnders

Lisa arrived just in time to stop Louise from smothering baby Peggy last night (Picture: BBC)

Viewers watched as new mum Louise continued to struggle in the wake of Keanu’s ‘death’ and despite some serious words of warning from big brother Ben, Louise was still a woman on the edge as she juggled looking after a newborn baby and hiding the guilt that she played a part in bumping off her ex.

But it was at the end of the episode that fans saw just how desperate Louise’s situation had got when she picked up a pillow and considered putting it over baby Peggy to stop her constant crying.

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Thankfully Lisa arrived at the Mitchells just at the right time and saved Louise from doing anything she would regret.

Lisa and Louise in EastEnders

Lisa begged her daughter to get some professional help, convinced she has got postnatal depression (Picture: BBC)

Lisa was adamant that her daughter needed professional help, able to notice a mental health issue a mile off thanks to her own battles.

But Louise was beside herself, trying to convince her mum that speaking to someone wasn’t what she needed.

It was only when Louise blurted out the truth that Keanu was dead and that she, Phil and Ben had killed him that the penny dropped for Lisa and she realised why her daughter was in such a state.

Lisa and Louise in EastEnders

Louise stunned her mum by confessing Keanu is dead (Picture: BBC)

But with Lisa’s exit imminent and Tilly Keeper also leaving her role as Louise, could this mean the pair are leaving Walford together? Fans are convinced…

With the truth (or what the Mitchells think is the truth!) now out, what will Lisa do with the new information? Will she use it against the Mitchells in some way?

Lisa and Louise in EastEnders

Lisa was left stunned, but what will she do with the information that the Mitchells have ‘killed’ Keanu? (Picture: BBC)

Or will this be the ammunition that she needs to get her daughter and Peggy away from Walford so they can make a new life together as a trio?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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