EastEnders fans CONVINCED this LEGENDARY character has secretly left the soap for good

EastEnders fans are convinced that Dot Cotton's last ever scenes have just been aired...

Tonight’s EastEnders saw Dot Cotton heading off to Ireland for another extended stay with her grandson Charlie Cotton, but fans are worried there was something too final about her exit.

The Walford legend made her departure after Martin Fowler ‘confessed’ that he was the one who stole the money from her account.

Dot Cotton exit on EastEnders BBC

Dot was horrified when Martin ‘confessed’ to stealing her money (Picture: BBC)

EastEnders fans know he is actually covering for Sonia, who stole the money from her grandmother to silence George, the victim from Martin’s hit and run drama that happened before Christmas.

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But as Dot had no reason to believe that Martin was lying about the stolen cash, she threw him out of the house and he was forced to go and live in his dad’s shed at the allotments.

However, the guilt was too much for Sonia and she tried to confess that it was actually her who took the money, only to find Dot missing from her bedroom.

Dot Cotton exit on EastEnders BBC

Sonia was worried when Dot was missing from her room tonight (Picture: BBC)

As Sonia went to see Dot she was shocked to find her room empty and a note left from her grandmother telling her to listen to a voice recording on a tape player that she had set up on the side.

But while lots of fans are convinced that the voice wasn’t actress June Brown, who plays the legendary Dot, others were more worried about what Dot had to say.

Dot Cotton exit on EastEnders BBC

Dot left a message for Sonia on a tape recorder, but fans are worried it was a final goodbye (Picture: BBC)

As Sonia pressed play on the recording, she listened to Dot tell her why she had suddenly disappeared… “This is to tell you I’m off to Ireland to live alongside my lovely grandson Charlie. I shall be able to help then, you know when the baby comes.

“I don’t know why Martin should have taken that money, but you will sort it out for me, won’t you? You’ll find out and let me know.

Dot Cotton exit on EastEnders BBC

Sonia was left in tears after listening to Dot’s message (Picture: BBC)

“Do remember you’re only at the other end of the phone line and you can always get in touch. I shall miss you and always love you as I know you will love me. Goodbye my dearest girl, your loving grandma, Dot.”

Lots of fans were panicking that Dot’s message sounded a bit final and started wondering if she would ever be coming back to Walford…

So is this the end of Dot? Or is actress June Brown just taking another well-deserved rest?

Only time will tell… but one thing is for sure, Dot’s departure gives Sonia the perfect opportunity to keep the fact she stole from her own grandma under wraps.

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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