EastEnders confirms heartbreaking DEATH trauma on the cards for THIS Walford favourite

There's heartbreak as Jean Slater gets upsetting news at the hospital...

EastEnders has confirmed that there is life or death drama heading for Jean Slater in the coming weeks as she discovers her enemy-turned-friend Daniel Cook is losing his battle against cancer.

The tragic plot was revealed on Friday (16th August) when Jean found Daniel (played by Adrian Edmondson) sitting in the hospital car park in tears.

EastEnders Daniel Cook and Jean Slater

Daniel Cook has been annoying Jean Slater at the oncology centre for weeks (Picture: BBC)

Until now the pair have had a rocky friendship as Daniel’s brash ways have annoyed Jean while the pair continue to see each other at the hospital as they go through their gruelling treatment for cancer.

Last week saw them having a tense conversation as they sat waiting for a scan at the hospital, but just when Jean thought she couldn’t stand any more of Daniel’s annoying quips, she later saw him upset and asked him to go for a cuppa.

EastEnders Jean finds Daniel upset.

Last week saw Jean and Daniel starting to bond (Picture: BBC)

As Jean rabbited on about the cleanliness of the hospital in a bid to fill the silence between them, Daniel eventually started to talk, telling Jean that his chemotherapy isn’t working and he doesn’t think he’s got long left to live.

But while the heartbreaking storyline left fans upset for Jean, they couldn’t help but love the scenes between her and Daniel…

As Jean encouraged Daniel to look at the brighter things in life, rather than focusing on the doom and gloom, it was clear the pair were slowly forging a brilliant new friendship.

As Daniel struggles to come to terms with the fact his treatment isn’t working, it seems he could do with a friend like Jean by his side.

Now that they have found common ground things are looking up for the pair… could Jean be the one to help Daniel make the most of what little time he has left?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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