Earth to Echo | Film review – Family-friendly sci-fi throwback to the 1980s – with a found-footage twist

Earth To Echo

A trio of 13-year-old boys and a token girl embark on a quest to help a stranded alien creature evade sinister government agents and return home. Sound familiar? Yes, director Dave Green’s Earth to Echo makes more than a nod to Steven Spielberg’s ET and a host of other 1980s family-friendly sci-fi adventures, including Short Circuit, Explorers and Batteries Not Included. Indeed, you would be hard pressed to find a bigger throwback to those earlier movies were it not for the fact that Green and screenwriter Henry Gayden have bafflingly chosen to tell their story as a found-footage tale put together after the events by one of the boys. The point-of-view camerawork is often irritating, but there’s a charming tale lurking beneath and the owl-like robotic alien, dubbed Echo by the boys, is undeniably cute.


Certificate PG. Runtime 91 mins. Director Dave Green.


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