DVD review | The Woman in Black – Daniel Radcliffe puts Harry’s ghost to rest with an eerie Gothic chiller

Daniel Radcliffe may have put the cares of Harry Potter behind him, but this chilling screen adaptation of Susan Hill’s hit ghost story The Woman in Black finds him once more contending with supernatural evil.

Here he’s a widowed young solicitor who goes to a gloomy isolated mansion to settle a dead woman’s estate. But why are the local villagers so hostile towards him? And who is the veiled figure in black he glimpses? You’ll get goosebumps finding out, even if you’ve read the book or seen the long-running play.

Brace yourself for shocks and scares as doors slam shut of their accord, an empty rocking horse tips furiously back and forth on its own, and a ghostly handprint appears and disappears on a windowpane. Radcliffe looks perfectly at home in this setting and manfully shoulders most of the film’s acting burdens, while screenwriter Jane Goldman and director James Watkins pin their trust on eeriness rather than gore to spook the viewer.

Released on Blu-ray & DVD on Monday 18th June by Momentum Pictures.

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