Family left fearing the worst as THIS Home and Away favourite’s world falls apart

Can the Astoni family pull together at a time of crisis?

Today’s Home and Away sees Ben Astoni hitting rock bottom as his world crumbles around him following his recent drug trafficking charge.

Home and Away fans will know that Ben has been framed for a serious crime after drugs were smuggled out of the country using his surfboard order.

Home and Away, Ben Astoni

Ben was horrified when he was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit (Picture: Channel 5)

But while he might be totally innocent, all the evidence points to Ben and he is facing a lengthy stint in jail if he ends up being found guilty in court.

However, it’s not just the thought of going to prison that is getting Ben down.

He has also lost his board business thanks to being charged with such a serious crime and, as everything he has worked so hard for shatters around him, Ben is struggling to cope.

Home and Away, Maggie Astoni, Ben Astoni

Maggie is becoming increasingly worried about Ben (Picture: Channel 5)

Today’s Home and Away sees Maggie and Ziggy trying to get Ben excited about the day, offering for him to join them for coffee or a surf… but Ben puts on a brave face and tells his family that he has lots to do around the house.

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But once Maggie and Ziggy have gone out for the day, it is clear that Ben is struggling with having no direction in his life and even the simple job of mowing the lawn proves to be too much.

When Ziggy gets home later with Willow and Bella in tow, Ben makes a hasty exit, but not before Ziggy’s innocent comment that it’s good to see him leaving the house gets taken the wrong way by the troubled dad.

Home and Away, Ben Astoni

Ben seems to be slipping further into depression today… (Picture: Channel 5)

Later when Maggie gets home, she finds Ben sitting alone in the garden, deep in thought.

But while he said he has lots to do around the house, it is clear that nothing has been done and Ben struggles to give a good reason for why he hasn’t done the work he promised.

Home and Away, Ben Astoni

Can anyone save Ben from his suffering? (Picture: Channel 5)

With Ben spiralling into a dark place, Maggie is desperately worried about her husband and knows that something needs to change if she is to help him.

But will her support and love be enough to get him out of the hell he is currently living?

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