Davina says Long Lost Family makes her miss her sister even more

Davina McCall has admitted making Long Lost Family reminds her how much she misses her own sister, who lives in Australia.

The TV presenter – who co-hosts the ITV show with Nicky Campbell, helping to reunite families – has a younger sister who lives on the other side of the world.

Davina told The Sun: “We speak when we can, but it’s so hard on Australian time.

“It was very frustrating. Doing this programme I always think how much I want to Skype her.

“I really miss her and this makes me think about her quite a lot. I just want to stay in contact.”

The former Big Brother presenter – who often breaks down in tears on Long Lost Family, admitted after filming the show: “I can’t speak. I have to have a bath, process it all and unwind.”

She also told how she was once approached in a swimming pool by someone who wanted help finding their lost family member.

Davina said: “I was training and someone came up to me and said. ‘Hi, my dad is looking for his son.’

“I felt vulnerable in a swimming costume and a pair of goggles… But I told them how to go about looking.”



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