Countdown to The Oscars – Best Actor Nominations

Let Movie Talk take you by the arm and lead you down the red carpet, familiarising you with the nominees along the way…

Demián BichirA Better Life


George ClooneyThe Descendants


Jean DujardinThe Artist


Brad PittMoneyball


Gary OldmanTinker Tailor Soldier Spy


Bichir is the surprise nominee in this category – most of us will have never heard of him before this. Rumour has it some would have preferred Leonardo DiCaprio beeing nominated for J. Edgar even though the film wasn’t so well received. But then you could say the same for Meryl Streep’s The Iron Lady.

Clooney is pitted against his best mate Brad and Gary Oldman is UK’s big hope while suave Jean Dujardin will bring a Parisian je ne sais quoi (and maybe a mutt) to the proceedings.

All will be revealed on Sunday 26 February.

Come back next Saturday to get up close and personal with the Best Actress nominees.

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