Couch Potato’s Tuesday Teaser: Which stars were originally intended for the lead roles in Speed?

This 50-miles-per-hour action thriller starring Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock was actually written for two other stars.

So who?  Nicolas Cage and Julia Roberts perhaps? Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman maybe? Kiefer Sutherland and Laura Linney possibly?

Well, guess what, I’m leading you on a merry dance. It was none of the above.

The role of unlucky bus passenger Annie Porter was actually written with comedian Ellen DeGeneres in mind. And that was because she was intended to be a funny character playing opposite Jeff Bridges as serious cop Jack Traven.

Instead we got Keanu and Sandra. Funny how things turn out.

Speed is showing tonight – Tuesday 1st May – on 5 USA at 9pm.

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