Couch Potato’s DVD Pickings: Witty, bitchy high school fun in G.B.F.


Don’t you just love the high school movie genre? There’s something comforting about watching others going through the horrors you went through at school. While details change from generation to generation, the struggle to fit in is always there.

And this one’s no exception. It’s a world of fashions, cliques and proms, and people called Fawcett, Caprice, ‘Shley, Tanner and Brent. I’d absolutely hate to be part of such a world; but it’s great fun to watch.

So, this tells the story of Tanner (Michael J Willet) – a shy student who finds himself targeted by three of the school’s hottest and most popular girls when he’s accidentally outed as gay. Each of them wants the latest trendy must-have – a gay best friend (G.B.F.), so geeky Tanner is whisked off by this three-pronged whirlwind of style, popularity, status and beauty into a shallow world, which places a strain on his existing friendships.


Witty and bitchy, this is totally tongue-in-cheek high school fun. But, it does a good job of poking fun at stereotypes and narrow-mindedness and it’s not without its moving moments. It’s basically Mean Girls meets Glee – without all the singing, but with all of the gay appeal. Performances are all great, especially Will & Grace’s Megan Mullally as Tanner’s best mate’s gay-loving mother, and there are some fabulously funny lines. Enjoy.

G.B.F. is released on DVD and Blu-ray by Peccadillo Pictures on 14th April.

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