Couch Potato’s DVD Pickings: A happy family torn apart by 70s prejudices in Any Day Now


British star Alan Cumming plays a drag artist in late 70s Hollywood in this powerful and emotional drama, directed by Travis Fine, but don’t be misled. This isn’t some OTT portrait of 70s gay life, or even strictly-speaking a picture about gay issues (although by default it is). It’s a heart-wrenching tender tale about human kindness and parental love.

While forging a relationship with Paul Fliger (Garret Dillahunt), a closeted lawyer, Cumming’s Rudy finds himself reaching out to his unhappy young neighbour Marco (Isaac Leyva), a Down’s Syndrome teenager neglected by his drug-addicted mother. When Marco’s mother subsequently abandons him, Rudy steps in to care for the boy and it’s not long before Paul gets involved too, using his recently-divorced status to secure temporary custody of the kid.


Unfortunately, however, this is the 70s, and when busybodies cotton on to the fact that Marco is living with two same sex carers, the authorities are dragged in and the pair are then forced into a painful battle to hold onto the loving family unit they have created.


Featuring brilliant performances by Cumming (who also sings brilliantly) and Dillahunt (whose difficult journey out of the closet is captured perfectly), this is a very special film in that it presents a beautiful and moving picture of family ties and human kindness. To watch this unquestionably loving family being ripped apart by ignorance and homophobia is truly painful, and it’s upsetting to acknowledge the prejudices that once existed – and, to some extent, still do. The fact that this is apparently based on a true story makes it even more powerful.

Any Day Now is released on DVD by Peccadillo Pictures on 13th January 2014.

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