Couch Potato Pickings | The Man With Two Brains – Steve Martin when he was funny
pesky Pennis in the 1990s, Steve Martin cancelled all scheduled press interviews.

I think he might have been a little upset don’t you?

OK, Dennis Pennis
The Man With Two Brains is a prime example of such hilarity. In this wacky offbeat 1983 comedy, Steve Martin stars as a brilliant brain surgeon trapped in a sexless marriage who falls in love with the the disembodied brain of a woman murdered by a crazed serial killer. It’s very funny.

The Man With Two Brains, Steve Martin

So when exactly did Martin stop making us laugh? Check out this link for those answers – Steve Martin – why aren’t you funny anymore?

The Man With Two Brains is showing today 21st September on Sky Movies Modern Greats at 8pm

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