Couch Potato Pickings – The Cave

On Channel 4 tonight at 11.05pm
IMDB about this monster film set in (surprise, surprise) caves in Romania. Check out this disturbing piece of info:

The film claims to have some basis in truth because new micro-ecologies have been discovered in deep caves, especially in Romania. According to film consultant Dr. Christi Lascu (acclaimed speleologist and Romanian editor of National Geographic magazine), 35 brand new species were found in the Movila Caves in the late-1980s. Among the species found was a 10cm centipede with a poisonous bite. There was nothing the size of the creature in the movie, but in theory there is not a limit for the size of animals living down there.

Lena Headey

This is scary. Thankfully I’m not likely to be going anywhere near cave systems like this any time in the near future. However, I do get a bit freaked out by oversized creatures. Have you seen the size of the spiders outside at the moment? I’ve walked into about five massive webs in the past week. Urgh. Mind, you they do look beautiful at this time of year with the dew on them in the morning.

But I digress, the monsters in this movie are apparently tackled by a team of explorers, including Piper Perabo and Lena Headey.

I last saw these two actresses in the romcom Imagine Me & You, which I really enjoyed. They made a lovely couple and had great onscreen chemistry. It’s a very different type of movie tonight, but I’m looking forward to seeing them together on screen again and, as I’ve said before, you can’t get a better night than Friday for a horror.

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