Couch Potato Pickings | Premature Filmstar Deaths from the Past Decade

How many premature deaths have there been recently in the world of movies? Far too many that’s what I say!

From terminal illness to accidents to drug abuse, the film industry has lost some great talent within the past ten years and many of us are still reeling from the shock and confusion.

Last week, rumours of toxic mould poisoning were linked to Brittany Murphy’s demise, and this week, the Anna Nicole Smith drugs conspiracy trial gets underway to investigate how the former Playboy model/filmstar came to overdose on prescription drugs in 2007.

So, since untimely deaths such as these keep making the news, I feel compelled to look back on some films that are showing on TV this week starring some of our major movie star losses from the past decade:

Brittany Murphy

This was a major shock as 2009 came to a close and Brittany was pronounced dead at the age of 32. I’m still unclear on the cause of Murphy’s death. Was it caused by prescription drugs, or something else?

Girl Interrupted is showing today  2nd August on Fiver at 9pm

Lynn Redgrave

Shine,Geoffrey Rush,Lynn Redgrave

Following a lengthy battle with breast cancer, Redgrave died earlier this year at the age of 67.

Shine is showing today 2nd August on BBC1 at 11.35pm

Corey Haim

The Lost Boys,Corey Haim

He was troubled by drug addiction throughout his career. However, after his shock death in March this year at the age of 38, the coroner ruled a natural death.

The Lost Boys is showing today 2nd August on Sky Movies Sci-fi Horror at 12.50am


Queen of the Damned, Aaliyah

This singer/filmstar was only 22 when she died in a plane crash in 2001.

Queen of the Damned is showing today 2nd August on ITV4 at 11.30pm

Natasha Richardson
The Parent Trap is showing tomorrow 3rd August on Cinemagic at 7.20pm

Rue McClanahan
Betty White is still going strong, 76 seems a premature end for this golden girl.

Starship Troopers is showing tomorrow 3rd August on Sky Movies Sci-fi Horror at 11.05pm

Dennis Hopper

In September 2009, Hopper’s publicist announced that he was battling prostate cancer. He died earlier this year at the age of 74.

Giant is showing on 3rd August on Sky Movies Classics at 1.40pm

Heath Ledger

The Dark Knight,Heath Ledger

Ledger died in 2008 from a lethal cocktail of prescription drugs. He was so young. I tend to forget that this filmstar was only 28 when he died.

The Dark Knight is showing on Wednesday 4th August on Sky Movies Sci-fi Horror at 9pm

Dudley Moore
Bedazzled is showing on 4th August on Sky Movies Classics at  1.25pm

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson’s This Is It, Michael Jackson

The world gasped when news broke about Jacko’s sudden death last year at the age of 50. A lethal cocktail of prescription drugs was the cause. Apparently the star was addicted to them.

Michael Jackson’s This Is It is showing on Sky Showcase on Thursday 5th August at 8pm.

David Carradine

Vol 2, Uma Thurman, David Carradine

Caradine was found hanging by a rope in a hotel room last year. He was 72. It appeared to be suicide at first, but evidence has since pointed to the cause of death being  autoerotic asphyxiation.

Kill Bill: Vol 2 is showing On Sky Showcase on Friday 6th August at 11.35pm

In case you were wondering, there are indeed many more stars who suffered premature deaths during the past decade. However none of their films are showing on TV this week. Nevertheless, I do feel compelled to give the following four a mention: Farrah Fawcett, Patrick Swayze, Christopher Reeve, Brad Renfro.

Who do you miss most?

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