Couch Potato Pickings | Confetti

Martin Freeman,Jessica Stevenson

I hear there’s a new reality TV show called Four Weddings showing on Living at the moment. I would check it out, but my cable service malfunctioned a month ago and the cable service provider still hasn’t fixed it.

Living describe the show as a catty wedding showdown contest in which four brides fight for an all-expenses-paid honeymoon.

How lovely to see women focused on meaningful relationships with their partners eh?

Robert Webb,Olivia Coleman

British movie Confetti is based on a similar theme – three couples compete for a prize for best wedding. However, being a fictional comedy starring Britcom greats like Jessica (The Royle Family, Spaced) Stevenson/Hynes, Martin (The Office) Freeman, Robert (Peep Show) Webb and Olivia (Peep Show, The Office) Coleman and Alison (Gavin and Stacy) Steadman, the laughs are guaranteed. I imagine that real life bitchy brides aren’t actually all that funny, but until that engineer finally turns up, imagining is all I’m able to do.

Alison Steadman

Confetti is showing on BBC2 tonight at 10pm

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