This Coronation Street legend could DIE next week! ‘It might be too late’ teases star

Eileen is in deep trouble...

Coronation Street star Sue Cleaver has teased that Eileen is in grave danger next week and it could be “too late” for her to be saved!

The drama starts when Jan returns to Weatherfield and tells Eileen that he’s an undercover informant not a villain and wants her to flee with him to Amsterdam to start a new life.

Eileen Grimshaw in Coronation Street

Eileen is stunned when Jan says he wants to start a new life with her in Holland

Eileen is initially still unsure of Jan, but, after a chat with lawyer Paula, she sees how much Jan must love her to come back.

Paula tells her that Jan is in deadly danger after helping to bring down the people-trafficking gang  – and, of course, this means if Eileen’s with Jan, she’s also at risk of being bumped off by the remnants of the evil gang.

“Speaking to Paula changes things for Eileen,” says Sue. “Paula says Jan must really love her to break his cover to see her.”

Eileen then tells a surprised Seb about the strange turn of events. Later, Seb spots Rachel – who led the trafficking operation with husband Nikolai – spying on Eileen’s house!

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Seb warns Eileen that he thinks Rachel is watching her and that she needs to careful.

Eileen decides she can’t leave Weatherfield with Jan, but she takes the potentially fatal decision of meeting up with Jan to break her news.

Eileen Grimshaw meets up with Jan

A deeply upset Eileen meets up with Jan at a truck stop to say she can’t leave with him – but are the pair about to be killed by the trafficking gang Jan brought down?

With Rachel possibly watching on, will she take the chance to kill both Eileen and Jan?

Explaining why Eileen decides to stay put, Sue says: “Eileen knows she can’t put them both at risk. She meets Jan to tell him she can’t go. But she doesn’t know they have been followed.”

Is this the end for Eileen?

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

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