Deadly inferno to leave one Coronation Street resident fighting for their life – but who?

Simon Barlow will be left fighting for his life next week when a huge fire hits Coronation Street...

It’s the moment that Coronation Street fans have been waiting for…

Next week will see Peter Barlow’s beloved boat go up in flames when it is mysteriously set on fire, leaving his son, Simon Barlow, trapped inside.

It was revealed last year that Coronation Street bosses were planning a huge inferno on the cobbles and that someone’s life was going to be at risk.

But the soap confirmed on the official website for Coronation Street today that the fire would be on our screens next week.

A delivery man calls at No.1 with a boat for Peter

Carla gave Peter the ill-fated boat as a gift

The website’s spoilers revealed: “Simon is outraged that Peter has asked Abi to go sailing with him.

“As Peter backs down, telling Simon that Abi means nothing to him, he doesn’t notice Sed eavesdropping…”

But that’s just the start of the drama. The website continues: “Later, a crowd watches in horror as Peter’s boat goes up in flames!

“Peter rushes out, terrified that he can’t find Simon, only for him to be told that Simon is still onboard. Can anyone rescue him in time?”

The soap is yet to confirm who the mysterious arsonist is… but it has been suggested in the press that it could be none other than Roy Cropper.

But before you go thinking placid Roy is turning into the cobbles’ latest villain, it is apparently all an accident.

Last month a source told The Sun: “This chain of events begin with Roy struggling to cope with the death of his mother.

“The stress makes him start sleepwalking and one night he knocks over a paraffin lamp, which starts the blaze. He is clueless as to what he has done, but Carla Connor, who sees it all on CCTV footage at Underworld, finds out and tries to cover his tracks by erasing the tapes.”

The newspaper even went on to claim that Carla is set to burn the jacket that her best friend was wearing on the night of the fire, and even lets someone else take the blame for the inferno.

Roy and Carla in Coronation Street

Will Carla risk her connection with Peter for her friendship with Roy?

But while it remains to be seen whether the claims Roy is the fire starter are true or not, if it is Roy, this is bound to cause trouble between Carla and Peter.

The boat was a gift from Carla at the start of the year, and she has even allowed Peter to keep it on the factory forecourt while he restores it back to full working order.

But this fire drama will not only mean heartache for Peter as he fights to save Simon, but it will mean that his dreams of sailing around the world in his new boat come crashing to a halt.

Watch Coronation Street next week to find out more.

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

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