Coronation Street favourites ATTACKED in own bed by deadly intruder?

Shona and David are in deadly danger in Coronation Street

Shona and David are in huge danger in Coronation Street next week when someone breaks into No. 8 – and Shona’s murdering son Clayton could be behind it all.

Next week Shona visits her banged up son – who fatally stabbed David’s wife Kylie – to tell him that his dad, Dane, has died from a drugs overdose.

Coronation Street spoilers: What does Clayton want from Shona Ramsey?

Clayton manipulates Shona

But Clayton already knows and then drops the bombshell that he he’s being bullied and wants to be moved to an open prison.

Shona knows how badly that would go down with David (Jack P Shepherd), but she is Clayton’s mum.

“Clayton is an absolute mess, and all her instincts as a mother completely kick in,” says Julia Goulding, who plays Shona.

“He says that his life is at risk. It’s heartbreaking for her to see, and she just wants to do anything she can to help him.”

Later Shona asks solicitor Imran to see if there’s a chance of a move, but he doesn’t hold out much hope.

Nick (Ben Price) then flies off the handle when he hears that the mum is trying to get her son a transfer.

Coronation Street spoilers: Nick Tilsley confronts Shona in the street!

Nick loses his temper with Shona

“Nick doesn’t like Shona and she doesn’t particularly like him,” says Julia. “He relishes the fact that she’s in this predicament.”

Shona heads back to jail to break the bad news to Clayton, who then explodes.

“He totally spits his dummy out of the pram,” reveals Julia. “He uses every method he can, knowing she loves him, to change her mind. “He then comes up with another plan…”.

Torn about what to do next, Shona heads home. But, as she and David head off to bed, a mystery person picks the lock of the back door and let themselves in! Are the couple about to be attacked in their own bed? And is Clayton behind the break in?

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

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