Coronation Street fans fear for ROY after this TERRIFYING twist

Coronation Street fans are convinced that Roy is in danger...

Last night’s Coronation Street has left fans fearing the worst for Weatherfield legend Roy Cropper.

Sunday night’s double bill saw Roy’s former foster child Wayne Hayes arrive on the cobbles, and quickly making a beeline for Roy’s cafe.

But as he re-introduced himself to Roy, he remained suspiciously tight-lipped about what had really bought him back to Coronation Street.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Wayne agrees to help Roy Cropper

While Roy initially struggled to place Wayne, which is understandable considering the last time he saw him was 18 years ago when he was just a child, the pair were soon reminiscing about old times.

But while Wayne said all the right things to Roy about how much he loved Hayley, and how much the couple helped him all those years back, Coronation Street fans are convinced that he’s up to no good.

Fans took to Twitter in their droves to talk about Wayne’s shifty behaviour and sinister looks…


As Wayne and Roy caught up in the cafe, Roy chatted about Carla, and it was clear that there was a flicker of recognition on Wayne’s face when the name Carla Connor was mentioned.

And when Wayne then asked Roy if he could go up to the flat to see if it was the same as it was all those years ago, even Roy was surprised by the bizarre request.

But did Wayne really want to see the flat that he had called home 18 years ago, or was his interest more to do with the fact Roy had mentioned that Carla was living with him?

Coronation Street spoilers: Carla Connor deals with the aftermath of the factory collapse

Both Carla and Coronation Street fans were surprised when the factory owner went to the police station for questioning and found Wayne was there.

It soon transported that he is working as a health and safety inspector on the roof collapse case – but does he have any other secrets up his sleeve?

With both Roy and Carla seemingly connected to Wayne now, could his shifty awkwardness soon make way for a more sinister side to emerge?

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