Bradley Walsh: ‘If a five-year-old can watch it with their nan, it’s a hit’

Former Coronation Street star Bradley Walsh reveals the fun he’s had hosting ITV’s new game show Keep It In The Family
What’s the idea behind Keep It In The Family?
“Basically, two families go head to head through three challenges and it’s the kids who are in charge! They decide which member of the family plays each game and they even choose the prizes! First up is a round where the child has to nominate someone in their family to do a performance, but they don’t know what it is they’ll have to perform – so if the act turns out to be fire eating and they put their nan up for it, she’s got to do it!”

There’s a big line-up of celebrity guests on the show. How do they get involved?
“In the final game they come on stage with boxes that contain hidden prizes and on the boxes are clues as to what the prize is. The kids pick one box and it could be a year’s supply of pizza or a family holiday to Pisa. Obviously the kids are going to choose a year’s supply of pizza! Then the celebrity holding the box that they reject gets dropped through a trap door!”

Which celebrities will be taking part?
“We have McBusted, cast members from Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Benidorm, plus former contestants from The X Factor and I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! We’ve got six celebrities per show, so that’s 36 throughout the series!”

Did you watch family shows like this as a kid?
“Yes. I loved The Generation Game and Noel’s House Party. Now, we all sit down and watch Saturday Night Take Away together.”

Do you think they’re making a comeback?
“I don’t think they’ve ever gone away – Britain’s Got Talent and The X Factor are both family shows. If it’s fun and you can watch it as a five-year-old with your 95-year-old nan and everyone in between, then you’ve got a hit on your hands.”

Working with kids can be unpredictable… how did you find it?
“The kids bring a whole new dynamic to the show. The other day I was chasing a kid around the stage while he was dressed as SpongeBob SquarePants! As a 54-year-old, it’s not going to get more fun than that, trust me!”

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