The Voice viewers perplexed by the romantic dynamic of contestants Bosie

Viewers watching the The Voice were left wondering aloud exactly what was going on with duo Bosie. Are they friends... or something more?

It’s often a bit of a weird dynamic when a male-female duo turn up to audition for The Voice – especially when the viewers suspect that one half wishes they were more than just partners in music.

But when Bosie came to perform to the judges’ backs tonight, the audience couldn’t quite work out which one of them was secretly in love with the other.

What’s going on here then? (ITV)


The pre-audition interview was a little strained at points, and their song choice of Wicked Game left things even more ambiguous.


People thought that one of them was definitely in the friendzone – but which one?

OK, got it, he likes her…

No hang on, she likes him…

Oh, we don’t know. But Gavin turned, so maybe it’ll become clearer in the next round…


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