DEVASTATING bombshell in EastEnders set to turn THIS Walford favourite’s life upside down

Whitney Dean has got huge news for Callum Highway...

There is drama in next week’s EastEnders when Whitney returns from her holiday with big news for former fiancé Callum.

EastEnders fans saw Whitney head off on her honeymoon alone after her doomed wedding day ended in disaster. But now she is back, and she has got something to tell her ex.

Earlier this month Whitney was understandably in two minds about whether to go through with her wedding after discovering Callum had a fling with Ben Mitchell.

EastEnders - Ben, Whitney, Callum

Callum and Whitney’s wedding ended in disaster after the truth about Callum and Ben’s affair was revealed (Picture: BBC)

But while she desperately wanted to marry Callum, Whitney knew that she wasn’t the right person for him, and left him stranded at the altar while she fled their wedding.

After drowning her sorrows at The Vic, Bianca Jackson encouraged Whitney to get away for a while and packed her off in a taxi so she could enjoy her honeymoon alone.

But Whitney is back next week and it doesn’t take her long to head over to Callum’s to collect the rest of her belongings.

EastEnders Callum and Whitney Dean argue

Whitney and Callum have a heart-to-heart next week (Picture: BBC)

As the pair have a heart-to-heart, Callum and Whitney seem to be building bridges… but just when it looks like they might be able to salvage a friendship from their failed relationship, Whitney drops the mother of all bombshells on her ex.

But what has she got to say that will send Callum off the rails?

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Whatever her news, Callum doesn’t take it well and struggles to process what Whitney has told him.

He heads to The Vic to numb the pain and soon he has had one too many drinks and Jay is forced to step in to help his friend in his moment of need.

EastEnders Jay tries to comfort Callum in Eastenders

Jay tries to help Callum after he gets huge news from Whitney next week (Picture: BBC)

But Jay’s plan backfires when he ends up making things worse by mentioning Ben.

Before Jay knows what is happening, Callum has raced out of the pub and over to the Mitchells to confront Ben and blame him for what is happening.

But is Ben really to blame or could he be innocent for once?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.

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