Blu-ray review | John Dies at the End | A crazy action-packed comedy horror sci-fi that’s out of this world

John Dies at the End quad poster

From Eureka! Entertainment comes the home video release of John Dies at the End, the freak-tastic new film from Don Coscarelli, director of Bubba HoTep and Phantasm, based on the cult 2007 novel by David Wong.

A mysterious new drug Soy Sauce promises users an out of body experience like no other as they drift across time and experience other dimensions. When slacker friends John (Rob Mayes) and David (Chase Williamson) take the black gooey substance, they learn that the Earth is in danger of being taken over by a sentient organic computer, giant spiders and demonic minions. Enlisting the help of amputee Amy (Fabianne Therese), her dog Bark Lee and fellow stoner Fred Chu (Jimmy Wong), the duo join forces with a TV infomercial psychic (Clancy Brown) and an inter-dimensional traveller (Doug Jones) to take down the one-eyed tentacled invader.

OK! So when was the last time a horror movie really caught you by surprise and made you want to watch it all over again as soon as it ended? Well, John Dies at the End does it for me and is probably the most entertaining horror hybrid since 2012’s Cabin in the Woods spun me for six. It’s fast-paced, action-packed, super creative with some wickedly cool creature effects and laugh out loud hilarious.

John Dies at the End is released on Blu-ray and DVD in the UK from Eureka! Entertainment on Monday 17 February 2014

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