Big Brother future uncertain as Channel 5 plans to axe show for a year

There has been a fall in ratings for the reality TV show in recent years

The future of Big Brother is uncertain as the boss of Channel 5 confirmed he is planning “a year without it”.

The reality show has seen ratings slide in recent years as programmes such as ITV2’s Love Island have surged in popularity.

Ben Frow, director of programmes at Channel 5, told the Edinburgh TV Festival: “I plan for a year without Big Brother.

“I never say never because the world is constantly changing, and I think it would be irresponsible to not keep all options open, but at the moment I’m planning for a year without Big Brother.”

Asked about the channel’s ratings, Ben said it had been a “challenging year”.

He added: “A lot of our very successful shows have started to decline, which is life, my job is to keep us up there, and the targets keep growing and growing and growing.

“But you can’t just keep growing, you have to free up the schedule, you have to open it up to try new ideas, you have to find and test the water for what might work in the future. If you look at what we were doing five years tonally, we are completely different now.”


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