Beyonce and Serena Williams at Wimbledon send the Internet wild with joy!

It has been a fantastic day at Wimbledon for Beyonce, Serena Williams and Twitter!

Serena Williams is the undisputed Queen of Centre Court – but as she took on Angelique Kerber in the Wimbledon final, there was someone else catching the eye of tennis fans on social media… Beyonce!

Beyonce and Jay Z were watching on from Serena’s box alongside most of the Williams family – so, naturally, everyone’s attention was split between the stands and the tennis!

Beyonce and Serena are friends  – the tennis star appeared in Lemonade on the video for Sorry. Naturally that got people’s hopes up…

Of course, Beyonce had somewhere to be – she was scheduled to play a show in Dublin within hours of the tennis finishing...


Mostly though, it was an excuse to make this joke:



And of course, everyone had plenty to say about Serena’s wonderful win, which saw the tennis star take her total of grand slam singles titles to 22 by beating Angelique Kerber in the Wimbledon final, levelling Steffi Graf’s open era record!



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