Benidorm star Danny Walters: ‘I’m betting on England and Spain for the World Cup’

Danny Walters says he’ll be cheering on both England and Spain in the World Cup while he’s filming the new series of Benidorm at the Spanish resort.

The young actor who plays Tiger Dyke in the ITV comedy is even laying money on his chosen teams.

“I’m going to put a couple of Euros on England because they’re my team and I’d love them to win it,” Danny told What’s On TV on set recently. “But I’m also putting 10 Euros on Spain because I’m filming in Benidorm and it would be great to be out here while Spain’s doing well. The atmosphere would be electric if they got to the final.

“Some bars here in Benidorm are fantastic for football. I love watching football, and I’m a big Arsenal fan, but the trouble is finding the time, what with work and the gym.

“I won’t be watching England matches at the Geordie bar with Tim Healy though. It’s more likely I’ll be going to an Essex bar called Hoxtons!

“As for the England team, I really think Raheem Sterling could do well for us, but I’m not sure about Rooney any more. Maybe it’s good to make way for the new talent. Hopefully, touch wood, England will do well this year, but it’s so unpredictable.”

The new series of Benidorm begins on ITV early next year



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