BBC plans talks with Brucie over his Strictly Come Dancing future

Sir Bruce Forsyth is apparently set for talks with the BBC about his future on Strictly Come Dancing.

The 86-year-old has previously shrugged off suggestions he is planning to retire, but fresh rumours were sparked when BBC One controller Charlotte Moore revealed to The Sunday Times that they’re planning to have a conversation with the star.

She said: “He is not young and has missed a couple of programmes. So it is really important to have that conversation.”

The controller stressed that any decisions would be by mutual agreement.

Talking about whether Strictly could go on without Bruce, she said: “Strictly is a phenomenon of British television and very robust. But it isn’t about one presenter.”

It’s thought Bruce will talk to the BBC when he gets back from a holiday in Puerto Rico next month.

However, the Mirror said BBC insiders have played down suggestions the veteran may step down.

An insider said: “Every year about this time we speak to Bruce about the following year and his contract. This is nothing new.”

Last year Bruce was quoted as saying he was on ‘borrowed time’ in his career, but later, in an interview with Alan Carr for talk show Chatty Man, he played down the statement.

He explained: “I just was trying to say I’m so lucky to have done all these things, still be able to work. It wasn’t a question of retiring. So much has happened to me and it’s been so wonderful that OK, it may all finish tomorrow, but if it finishes tomorrow I’ve had a wonderful time, and I’m very grateful – that’s all I meant.”


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