BBC launches property makeover show with virtual reality

Couples will be able to ‘step into’ different plans dreamt up by architects.

The BBC has announced a new property makeover show featuring virtual reality.

Couples who disagree on the future look of their homes will be able to “step into” different plans dreamt up by architects.

The couples then choose which designs to take on and build themselves in the eight-part series on BBC2, the former home of Changing Rooms and Ground Force.

Presenter Angela Scanlon said of the show, given the working title Watch This Space: “I’ve lost weeks of my life trawling property websites and lingering too long outside the shiny windows of estate agents, so I am absolutely delighted to be involved in this groundbreaking series and to see technology being used in this way for the first time on a British property show.”

Producers said the programme was “no average home build show” and would use “technology in a way that has never been seen on British television before”.

BBC2 controller Patrick Holland said: “This is a really exciting combination of game-changing technology and a terrific makeover show. It promises to be the next great property series on BBC Two.”

Architects Laura Clark and Robert Jamison have signed up as designers on the series and viewers will also get to see the final build.

The broadcaster recently announced an interior design makeover show, Project Interiors, on BBC2, which will take 10 “fledgling stylists and launch them into the competitive world of interior design”.

The designers will face a different challenge each week, “confronted with a new space to transform” in each episode.

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