Apple Tree Yard’s last-minute killer twist stuns viewers

Apple Tree Yard produced a twist that both thrilled and confused viewers when it ended on Monday

Apple Tree Yard viewers have been left REELING after a last-minute twist in the gripping finale.

The final instalment of the four-part BBC series saw the conclusion of the murder trial, with Yvonne (Emily Watson) walking free and Mark (Ben Chaplin) being locked up for killing George, the man who had attacked her.

Yes, we all breathed a sigh of relief at that point. Order was restored. Or was it?

Because in the last few moments of the programme it was revealed that Yvonne had actually asked Mark to murder George, as they lay in bed together one day.

And that flipped the whole thing on its head.

On Twitter, fans have posted some hilarious messages, pictures and memes to express their shock.


But was it all as it seemed? Because the theory that Mark had just imagined Yvonne saying that is also doing the rounds.


Whatever happened, everyone agrees that Apple Tree Yard was a stunning bit of TV, with powerhouse performances from the leads.


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