Alan Carr: ‘The Singer Takes It All is definitely not the X Factor!’

If you prefer your singing competitions without sob stories and swivelling chairs, comic Alan Carr has just the thing – his new four-part talent show The Singer Takes It All.

On The Singer Takes It All, wannabes will perform songs live on a unique moving stage… They either move forwards towards the Gold Zone – and a potential cash prize – if viewers at home are voting for them, or they’re booted backwards if they’re unpopular!

Putting viewers at home in charge of who stays and goes with the help of a real time interactive app, Alan explains: “This show has the Googlebox feel of people sitting at home commenting. You know that if a performer is whizzing up to the Gold Zone, then everyone in Britain likes them.

“It’s definitely not The X Factor and I’m not offering anyone a new record deal! But if you sit at home watching those shows and think ‘that’s awful’ or ‘I really like her’ then you can become a judge for this.”

Not only that, but if you think you could do better, you could even be on the show the following week by uploading a performance of yourself singing. If you make the top 10, you could perform live in the studio with the chance to win the cash. However, the moving stage isn’t for the fainthearted…

“I was on it the other day during rehearsals and it goes at quite a speed – it was quite scary!’ laughs Alan. “I’d advise people to give it their best while up there, though – and if you see yourself going backwards, just put a bit more welly in!”

The Singer Takes It All screens on Channel 4 on Friday, April 1.

To download the free app visit the App Store or Google Play Store and search The Singer Takes It All.