Alan Carr reveals friendships with chat show rivals

Alan Carr has insisted there is no chat show rivalry and said he swaps interview horror stories with Graham Norton.

The comedian, who hosts Channel 4 talk show Chatty Man told TV Times he got on well with his rival hosts – BBC One’s Graham and ITV’s Jonathan Ross.

He said: “Graham and I have mutual friends and we recently went to a gay wedding in Mykonos. He’s a really nice guy, and we just sat on the beach and chatted about our shows.

“It’s good to talk to someone and say, ‘Did you have that guest? Oh my God, weren’t they awful?’ So we had a good old b****ing session.

“As for Jonathan, I think he’s brilliant. I know it’s boring because people want you to say, ‘I hate them.’ If you start hating people because they’ve got a chat show, that makes you a bit weird.”

Alan also talked about his ideal guests: “I’d love to have Prince Harry, but I’m sure he won’t come on. It would be great to have Lady Gaga come back because she was so much fun.”

The new series of Alan Carr: Chatty Man is back on August 30.