Alan Carr: ‘I’d be straight off The Singer Takes It All because I’m tone deaf!’

Alan Carr tells What’s on TV why he almost turned down C4’s unusual new music programme, The Singer Takes it All

In a twist on the usual talent-show formats Channel 4’s new four-part entertainment show will see hopeful contestants either propelled towards ‘the gold circle’ and a cash prize, or booted backwards and out of the running – depending on whether viewers at home love or hate them…

Is The Singer Takes It All the new X Factor?
“It’s SO NOT the new X Factor! I’m not offering anyone a record deal here.”

What was your reaction when you were first offered the show?
“When I got asked to do a singing show my eyes rolled back in my head. I thought ‘Oh, here we go!’ But when it was explained the audience at home are the judges and it’s more of a Googlebox-type experience, I loved it!”

You rolled your eyes! Are you not normally a fan of these types programmes?
“I love The Voice and The X Factor, and I’ll definitely be watching again when Cheryl and Scary are back on. I just didn’t think we needed another singing show. But I changed my mind when I heard it was interactive and live – and performers can go home with some money.”

Did anything else help you change your mind?
“Everyone I’ve mentioned it to thought it sounded good. So I thought to myself ‘let’s give it a go, Alan.’ It’s always nice to do a bit of live telly and push yourself.”

Can you explain a bit about how it works?
“If you sit at home watching The X Factor or The Voice and think ‘that’s awful’, or ‘I really like her’ then download our app [details below] and become a judge! Because the show is live you know if a performer is whizzing up to the gold circle, everyone else in Britain likes them as well.”

Is it possible for people at home to perform on the programme too?
“Yes! All you need to do is download the app and upload your voice. There’s a selection of songs, so sing your heart out! The ones voted into the top 10 are invited to sing live on Channel 4 at Elstree. Viewers will press ‘hit’ if they like you or ‘miss’ if they don’t. If you’re a hit you’ll get to the gold circle where you can win thousands of pounds. But if you’re tone deaf you might disappear down the back!”

Have you tried out the 15-metre moving stage for yourself?
“I was on it the other day during rehearsals and it goes at quite a speed. It was quite scary! I’d advise people to give it their best while up there, and if you see yourself going backwards, put a bit more welly in!”

How do you think you’d fare on the show?

“For karaoke I’ve performed Blondie’s Heart of Glass, Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights and the Bee Gees because I’ve got a high voice. But I’d be off the Singer Takes It All stage before you know it because I’m tone deaf!”

What to you think makes this show special?
“It’s up to the audience. If you get a Wagner on there who’s tone deaf, but makes you howl with laughter and is entertaining, then press the button and let him win some money. There are also some amazingly good singers out there – we might find the next Celine Dion! And someone will go home with thousands of pounds, which isn’t bad for a couple of minutes on the stage.”

To get involved download the app by visiting the App Store or Google Play and search ‘The Singer Takes It All’.

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