Alan Carr: ‘Big stars aren’t as stuck up as you think!’

Alan Carr reveals his plans to help his guests on the upcoming Alan Carr’s Chatty Man Summer Special to let themselves go.

Alan revealed to What’s on TV there will be a shed load of drink on the show, to encourage guests Vin Diesel, Glee’s Kevin McHale, Miranda Hart and the stars of the Inbetweeners to let their hair down.

Alan admits it’s a tried and tested formal, which has worked for him in the past:

“Did you see the one with John Cleese? He tipped a WKD over my head, and I tipped some over him. Then he tipped two more drinks over me.

“I love all that. It’s funny, silly and stupid. John laughed manically and had the biggest smile over his face!”

Alan added: “My favourite guest has been Rihanna. She got a bit tiddly and was a lot of fun. She knew we weren’t going to show her up or anything, so she could come on and have a laugh and take the mickey out of herself, which was brilliant. These big stars aren’t as stuck up as you think!”

Alan told us, however, he’s not overly confident in his ability to stay sober and run the show.

“I don’t want to be a lairy, slurring drunk, because that’s not fun – especially on my own chat show! I will try to pace myself, but by part-three will probably say ‘sod it!'”

Watch Alan in action on Friday 24th July at 10pm on Channel 4.

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