It’s a happy Christmas for Toadie and Sonya as they renew their vows!

Sonya pulls off a Christmas Day surprise for Toadie as the couple renew their marriage vows

It’s all go at Sonya’s on Christmas Day as she arranges the last details for the surprise she’s sorted for Toadie – to renew their wedding vows! There’s a last-minute hitch when Toadie’s gobby mum Angie muscles in on the action but the day ends up a roaring success.

Things aren’t too good elsewhere in Erinsborough though. Piper goes through a terrible ordeal when she revisits the boat on which Louise took her hostage. As more clues come to light about Hamish’s murder, Tyler ends up being the last person in the frame – and it’s down to Piper to break the news to him…

Paige faces every parent’s worst nightmare when her baby’s buggy careers off into the path of an oncoming car. She manages to avoid disaster only for another crisis to hit as Gabe is snatched away from her… Who has taken Paige’s baby? And why?