Lyn Scully’s back! But will Steph accept her mum’s help with the wellness centre?

Steph learns her mum Lyn is the wellness centre's anonymous benefactor

Steph reels in shock when a dodgy situation pushes Amy to reveal the identity of the wellness centre’s anonymous benefactor: Steph’s mum Lyn Scully!

Steph is furious but Toadie and Sonya appeal for the single mum to see the upside of the situation. Though Steph relents, she feels forced to cut ties with Amy for going behind her back. How long can Lyn and Steph stay on track?

Elsewhere, there are problems ahead for smitten Leo and Mishti. Leo’s convinced Mishti is lying to him and when he starts stalking her, he finds out to his horror that his concerns were well-founded. Can the ex-copper get him onside when Leo discovers she’s conducting her own investigation into Hamish’s murder?